Audit is no more just a number game; it goes beyond reports and approvals that gives the complete picture of a company. One of the core services that you can’t avoid being a business owner or an entrepreneur to track your business is audit and assurance services. They ensure that your organization is compliant with the set of laws, regulations and accounting standards of the land.

Our Audit and Assurance service professionals provide a range of audit and advisory services to assist clients in achieving their business objectives, managing their risk and improving their business performance.

A comprehensive audit process is essential to extend credibility to the financial information that stakeholders need to make sound business decisions. Our Audit services extend beyond the conventional/traditional financial reporting function. We take time to understand the client’s business, it’s needs and blend this with the sectors in which they operate. Seamless integration of business facts with experience allows us to identify major risks and opportunities that may distinguish between roaring success and complete disaster. We are committed to the highest professional ethics, standards, and principles.

A Statutory Audit of the financial statements requires an auditor to provide reasonable assurance that the accounts and financials have been prepared in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Standards on Auditing (SAs), and that they are free from misstatements and errors.
Internal audits provide a number of important services to company management. These include detecting and preventing fraud, testing internal control, and monitoring compliance with company policy and government regulation. Establishing an internal audit function provides a vital step in growth of business.
A Tax Audit in India involves an expression of the tax auditors’ opinion on certain financial details, given by an assessee to enable an assessment of its tax, by the Tax Authorities. The said requirement is required under the provisions of Income-tax Act, 1961.
Transfer pricing has emerged as a critical success factor in corporate strategic planning and executive decision-making. Companies focused on growth and market leadership have recognized the important role transfer pricing can play in addressing the corporate tax burden, enhancing operational performance, reducing tax compliance exposure and increasing cash flow.
Audit based on specific requires, might be from any stakeholder to get the actual details on the statement of affairs. It can be from Government end or other stakeholder as well to do independent examination of financial information.
Stocks and physical assets such as raw materials are critical real assets and needs systematized management. As a large number of companies are operating across the borders through multiple locations and channel partners, making asset management a challenge.
Analysis of Revenue and the assurance on no revenue leakage to concern stakeholder, is prime facia subject to get certified from this audit. Generally, Bank does this kind of audit to identify and get resolved the revenue leakage.
The social and charitable organization is having donor fund to utilize and spent on the target area, people and sector of directed by donor agency. Donor agency want assurance form professional to identify, analyse and certify the proper use of fund as supposed and decided to do so.